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Title: Surprise Me
Fandom: White Collar
Characters: Mozzie, Neal
Rating: PG
Word count: 235
Notes: Commentfic for [ profile] saena17.

"You did say 'surprise me,'" Mozzie said with as straight a face as he could manage. Neal pouted at him.

"I meant in the context of Chinese food, which I thought we agreed on. Falafels was not part of the surprise!"

"Are you going to sulk about it? You are, aren't you?"

"I'm not sulking. This is disappointment, Moz, not sulking." It sure looked like sulking to someone who knew Neal for more years than even Kate could claim.

"You like falafel. What's the big deal?"

"Would you take it calmly if I told you I rented Must Love Dogs instead of Kung-Fu Hustle?" Mozzie turned a shocked look on Neal just long enough for the younger man to feel vindicated.

"I know you wouldn't do that. You hate John Cusack," he said uncertainly. Neal rolled his eyes.

"If I had known you would do this to me, I would have rented it just to spite you."

"Will you quit being such a baby about it? I brought cheesecake for dessert. You have to forgive me." For a second they stared each other down, Neal definitely sulky, Mozzie on the verge of laughing out loud at his friend. Then Neal deflated with a sigh.

"You bastard. You know all my weaknesses."

"And I exploit them regularly to keep you on your toes, yes. Now quit bitching and eat before it gets cold, will you?"
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Title: Keep It Steady Now
Pairing: Sylar/Luke
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 420
Notes: YAHAKM prompt: Sylar thinks Luke's black eye is sexy.

"Don't move," Sylar murmurs, his fingertips feathering just below Luke's brow. "Just hold steady."

every inch of me is bruised )

Title: Can't Touch This
Pairing: Sylar/Luke
Rating: R
Word count: 464
Notes: YAHAKM prompt: raging teenage hormones, Luke's always trying to cop a feel

Somehow, Luke was under the illusion that he was being at all sly about touching Sylar when he had no reason to. It happened all the time, and Sylar did not like being touched.

do not poke the sleeping tiger, kid )
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Valentine's Day ficlets. All Heroes, all the time. xD Collectively 4365 words.

Title: Simply Irresistible
Pairing: Mohinder/Sylar
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 280
Notes: [ profile] piping_hot asked for Sylar playing with Mohinder's hair. Hello, personal kink! :D

hair! )

Title: An Act Of Desperation
Pairing: Mohinder/Sylar
Rating: R
Word count: 570
Notes: [ profile] cellshader wanted low-rise jeans and some time between midnight and 4 am.

put on your red shoes and dance the blues )

Title: And Then
Pairing: Mohinder/Zane
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 255
Notes: [ profile] perdiccas asked for the Ramones t-shirt and 2 a.m.

they should be asleep. )

Title: Boxergram
Pairing: Mohinder/Sylar/Adam
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 190
Notes: [ profile] blossommorphine wanted boxers, after dinner.

landshark... )

Title: Officer Park-That-Ass-Right-Here
Pairing: Mohinder/Matt
Rating: R
Word count: 255
Notes: [ profile] tiptoe39 wanted black socks at 7 a.m.

kind of like in Risky Business? )

Title: It's Not Cheating If You Change The Rules
Pairing: Matt/Daphne/Ando
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 670
Notes: [ profile] cruiscin_lan wanted a phrase that's in the first paragraph.

one plus one plus one )

Title: Anniversary
Pairing: Ando/Hiro
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 470
Notes: [ profile] weslyn wanted Hiro's black work tie at noon.

Ando has good plans. )

Title: Cherish
Pairing: Hiro/Ando
Rating: PG
Word count: 240
Notes: [ profile] crash_it_yo wanted high school Hiro and Ando on Valentine's Day.

say ah )

Title: Dusk
Pairing: Sanjog/West
Rating: PG
Word count: 180
Notes: [ profile] moorishflower asked for Valentine's lingerie, just after dinner.

not your color, babe )

Title: Virtuoso
Pairing: Peter/Nathan
Rating: R
Word count: 335
Notes: [ profile] brandinsbabe (who will not let me claw free of the vortex! D: ) asked for sweatpants at 2 p.m.

you can play him like no other )

Title: Eating Out
Pairing: Noah/Sandra
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 190
Notes: [ profile] cruiscin_lan asked for Mr. Muggle's dog sweater and lunch.

no dogs allowed )

Title: Abandonment Issues
Pairing: Matt/Mohinder
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 730
Notes: [ profile] dana_norram requested a postep for 3x15 in which Mohinder helps pull Matt back together.

in the dust )
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Pairing: Mohinder/Elle
Prompt: gun holster
Words: 235

bang bang )

Pairing: Gabriel/Peter
Prompt: mirror
Words: 435

do what I do )

Pairing: Sylar/Mohinder
Prompt: until we meet again
Words: 490

tagged. )
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Totally fluffy, silly fic today. :D

Pairing: Nathan/Peter
Prompt: pot smoking
Words: 400

light it up. )

Pairing: Sylar/Mohinder
Prompt: smoking pot dampens violent tendencies
Words: 740

teatime! )
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This may be a daily thing.

Pairing: Gabriel/Mohinder
Prompt: angel!Mohinder/demon!Sylar, temptation
Words: 275

the slow decline of love )

Pairing: Sylar/Luke
Prompt: devil!Sylar/anyone, your secret desire
Words: 350

all i really want )
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These are fun to do, srsly!

Prompt: Puppy love
Pairing: Bob Bishop/Angela Petrelli
Word count: 263

it's tough to have a crush )

Prompt: Sticky sweet
Pairing: Nathan/Hiro
Word count: 353

in the small spaces. )

Prompt: Learn something
Pairing: Noah/Gabriel
Word count: 290

manners and physique )
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Heroes Pairing Generator challenge from [ profile] tiptoe39: go until you find a workable pairing, close your eyes, write until you're done, open them. These are cleaned up for spelling and grammar. Too short to be anything but PG.

Pairing: Hiro/Eden
Prompt: Backwards
Words: 100

"I'm here to save you," the short Asian man says earnestly, reaching out a hand. Eden stares at him, looks down at his hand, and laughs.

"What is this, 'come with me if you want to live?' I don't buy it." He frowns.

"No, my name is Hiro Nakamura, I am from the future. A very bad man will kill you today, if you don't let me take you back."

"Back to when?" She arches an eyebrow, and places her hand into his.

"Back before he can hurt you. Back before anyone can," Hiro says darkly, and they vanish.

Pairing: Ando/Elle
Prompt: Between a rock and a hard place
Words: 154

"And what do you do, Naruto?" Elle asks exhaustedly, after making the third tight, nervous circuit of their underground prison. Fucking buildings collapsing, who did that happen to?

"My name is Ando," the man said, cheek twitching with annoyance. "And I... I make other people's powers stronger."

"Well, isn't that kind of useless on your own? Poor guy." Even when dusty, bruised, and bleeding a little, Elle managed to be offensively flirtatious; she hung off Ando's shoulder like it was her god-given right to lean on him. "So what, you could turn me from a lightning bolt into a power plant?"

"I'd rather not try. Who knows what might be leaking down here..." Ando scowled, but wrapped an arm around Elle's wasit anyway. Hey, she was a hot blonde determined to touch him; if he was going to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, he might as well enjoy his stay.
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Two comment_fics!

Title: Swim
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Matt/Mohinder
Rating: mild NC-17
Word count: 830
Notes: Prompt: Matt/Mohinder, on a deserted island

They're not entirely sure whose fault it is, but they both blame Peter Petrelli anyhow. EVERYTHING is Peter's fault. )

Title: The Son and the Heir
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Sylar/Mohinder
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 260
Notes: Prompt "Mylar, How Soon Is Now by The Smiths"

"Tell me, Mohinder, what have you inherited?" Sylar's words were bitter behind his ear, but all Mohinder could do was turn his head slightly, his muscles hardly responding to the orders his brain sent out. "Your father's research. As slow and blundering as the man himself. And you bring what to the table, your pretty face? Endearing excitement backed with shyness?"

"What," Mohinder breathed, fighting with the words. "Do you want."

"I want the same thing everybody else does. To be known. To be understood." Crouching beside the chair Mohinder was loosely tied into, Sylar stroked long fingers down his neck, fitting them neatly into the arterial notch and feeling the slow, deceptively steady beat of Mohinder's heart. "To be loved, my dear Mohinder. I need to be loved."

"This isn't..." Mohinder sighed, letting himself lean into the touch. "The way to win a man's heart."

"You can't say I'm doing it wrong if it's working." Sylar's hands cupped his face, huge and warm and gentle. "I've waited too long for you, Mohinder, and if resorting to abduction is the only way I can get you, so be it."

"On the chair?" Being put into medical slow-motion didn't dull Mohinder's dry quips, and Sylar smiled at him.

"Don't be silly. I just wanted you to be awake for this." Undoing the knots in Mohinder's silk bonds, he collected his captive into his arms and stalked into the bedroom, mouth against the side of Mohinder's throat. "Now I'm going to have to make sure all of your nerves come to. Just relax, Mohinder..."
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Because I did a whole bunch of these in the post for them.

They relate best to each other with a wall of glass between; five inches of clarity and space keep closeness from addling both men's thoughts.

He's not sure which nights are worse: when he wakes up trembling and reaching for his throat, or when he has wistful memories of of a suit, a Company car, a partner.

Every morning is a race to wake up: beating the alarm and Molly conveys the grand prize of allowing Matt to watch Mohinder in repose, and then rouse him from sleep with strategically-placed kisses.

It wasn't quite as good as when they were alone, but any time Matt had to part from Mohinder in public, Mohinder would focus on a memory of a goodbye kiss in the doorway of their apartment.

"Don't be silly, Ando, I always save the last stick of Pocky for you."

He couldn't do much to protect all of them, but Micah made sure to wipe every mention of Molly Walker from every government database.

She didn't think much of Dr. Suresh's common sense, but the man knew how to wear a pair of jeans, and even the nose bandage looked kind of cute on that oblivious face.

Mohinder had always hated the cold, but he despised it so much more after he let Zane Taylor keep him warm one frigid night in Montana.

All he really wanted was someone to cuddle and watch Star Trek with; he should have known they were doomed when she asked if they were watching the one with Luke or Anakin.

"Christ, rookie, just because you're afraid they can see us doesn't mean you don't have to watch your teeth!"
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Drabbles for [ profile] moorishflower, because she requested prompts and I started stories with them, but haven't finished them. And because, well, Mylar is fun to write! These are actual, 100-word drabbles, for the record, written on the road. :D

conviction )


promise )


causation or correlation )


permission (nc-17) )
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~~~Advent Day 18~~~

BONUS ROUND, stage one: heterosexuals!

I promised at least 100 words on every prompt that I was given. Well, I'm making good on that! Arbitrarily, I started writing all the het pairings, so today is ~~heteroseuality day~~

Nothing above a PG-13, sry2say, but I hope each of these is enough to really capture the moment I'm going for. ♥

First Kiss, Monica/Mohinder
663 words

St. Joan is an expert at breaking into places. )


Afterglow, Sylar/Elle
301 words

dazed and hazy )


Teased, Elle/Mohinder
455 words

it's fun to play with curls! )


Eternal, Hiro/Charlie
308 words

paper cranes )
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1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them in your journal.

These are all really short, and I'm not sure about continuing any of them... except maybe #1, I kind of like it. Not worth using as an Advent day, just a little bonus for the middle of the month, I guess.

snips! )
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So I'm trying to write an hour every day. So far so good. I just need to find someone to beta the things I *don't* have in common with [ profile] _angsty, because.... well, every time she rolls her eyes when I mention the Daily Show, I have to bring up Peter Pan, and things get ugly. xD So if anyone's willing to beta Daily Show slash, lemme know. It's fairly short stuff.

However! Drabbles don't need beta-reading, so I've got two for posting.

Fandom: Fight Club
Rating: PG-13
Words: 100
Characters: Jack, Tyler (xD)
I am Jack's navel-gazing monologue. )


Fandom: The Daily Show
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Characters: Ed, Rob
we play these games all the time )
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New layout, yay! And to christen the bloody mess, let's have a drabble with a lot of blood, some love, and a teeny bit of rhetoric--- nooo, not Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. ^^;;

Title: Understood
Fandom: The Royal Tenenbaums
Pairing: Richie/Margot
Rating: Er... if you've seen the movie, it's nothing worse than the Needle in the Hay scene.
Words: 100

I'm going to kill myself tomorrow )


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