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Nice and Contradictory, by [ profile] heretherebefic (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/Sherlock, PG-13)

Symmetry in Orbit, by [ profile] betweenthebliss (Star Trek XI/Firefly, Pavel Chekov/River Tam, PG)

Sherlock Holmes

History, Repeating Itself, by [ profile] gyzym (NC-17, Holmes/Watson)
Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

A Reminder, by [ profile] chibitoaster (PG, Holmes/Watson)

Rubicon, by [ profile] janeturenne (R, Holmes/Watson)

Sherlock (BBC)

Center of Attention, by [ profile] igrab (PG-13, Jim/Sebastian)

Collectible, by [ profile] valderys (G, Sherlock/John)

The Cure is Worse, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (PG-13, Sherlock/John)

darling, oh, just don't put down your guns yet, by [ profile] sartorialists (R, Sherlock/John)

The Military Sort, by Tristesses (NC-17, Sherlock/John)

Monster, by [ profile] moony (NC-17, Sherlock/John)

Never Look Away, by [ profile] axidentalquark (PG-13, Mycroft/Lestrade)

of lonely men in shirtsleeves, leaning out of windows, by [ profile] mustbehavingfun (PG, Sherlock/John)

The World on a String, by [ profile] entangled_now (PG-13, Sherlock/John)

This New Game, by [ profile] etoile_dunord (NC-17, Sherlock/John)

We All Have Our Scars, by flyingthesky (PG-13, Sherlock/John)

Only Human, by [ profile] irisbleufic (NC-17, Sherlock/John)

Drowning Man, by [ profile] irisbleufic (R, Sherlock/John)

Harbor, by [ profile] irisbleufic (R, Sherlock/John)

Sherlock's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, by [ profile] irisbleufic (PG-13, Sherlock/John)


Long Distance Relationship, by [ profile] jaune_chat (PG, Micah/Molly)

Territories, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (NC-17, Sylar/Luke)

I'm Marking It Down to Learning, by [ profile] superkappa (R, Sylar/Elle)

If I Could Be Who You Wanted All The Time, by [ profile] superkappa (PG-13, Sylar/Elle)

Still Too Far to Fall, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (PG)

Liberty, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (PG-13, Sylar/Luke)

Second Chances, by [ profile] perdiccas (PG, gen)

They Call Them Cold Blooded Killers, by [ profile] perdiccas (PG-13, gen)

Study Break, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (G, Petrellis)

The Forever Kind, by [ profile] tiptoe39 (PG-13, Mohinder/Matt)

Everything In Its Right Place, by [ profile] speccygeekgrrl (PG, Mohinder/Sylar)

Finer Than Pearls, by [ profile] speccygeekgrrl (NC-17, Claire/Elle)

White Collar

Love Walked In, by [ profile] asimaiyat (PG-13, Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey)

Nightmares, by [ profile] hoosierbitch (PG-13, Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey)

Into the Fire, by [ profile] gyzym (NC-17, Neal Caffrey/Kate Moreau, Neal Caffrey/Mozzie)

Star Trek

Detonate For Me, by [ profile] asimaiyat (NC-17, Kirk/Spock)

What I Say, When I Say Anything At All, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (NC-17, Kirk/Spock)

A Level Course and True, by [ profile] brighteyed_jill (NC-17, Kirk/Spock)

Big Trucks, by [ profile] boombangbing (PG)

Vector Map, by [ profile] templemarker (PG-13, Kirk/McCoy)

What I Am To You, by [ profile] cimness (Mature, Kirk/Spock)

The Lost City, by [ profile] cole_chan (PG-13, Gen)


Love in a Time of Science, by [ profile] moorishflower (R, William Bell/Walter Bishop)


Mission Control, by [ profile] emerald_embers (PG-13, Dean/Castiel)

Exodus, by [ profile] emerald_embers (R, Uriel/Castiel)

The Body Exhibit, by [ profile] moorishflower (G, Gabriel)

No Hammer Without A Forge, by [ profile] moorishflower (PG, Gabriel)

Great and Unsearchable Things, by [ profile] moorishflower (PG, Gabriel and Castiel)

Shhhh, by [ profile] wolfish_willow (NC-17, Sam/Gabriel)

Old Realm in a New World, by [ profile] wraith816 (PG-13, gen)

A Large Range of Probabilities, by [ profile] cofax7 (PG-13, gen)

Wolfpack, by [ profile] tabaqui (Adult, Sam/Dean)

The Dresden Files

The Knight and the Pea, by [ profile] beachkid (Mature, Harry/Mab, Harry/Marcone)


Bargain, by [ profile] karaokegal (NC-17, House/Chase)

The Big Bang Theory

The Yente Complex, by [ profile] anemptymargin (NC-17, Howard/Raj)


Hold On, Baby, You're Losing It, by [ profile] summerstorm (NC-17, Quinn/Rachel)


Year of the Boar, by [ profile] thenakedcat (PG)


Interview with the Protege, Chapter 8, by [ profile] rowan_d (PG)

One Night Only, by Aerilon452 (Teen, Helen/James/John)


Lemon, by [ profile] viva_gloria (Teen, Arthur/Eames)

True Blood

A Day Like Today, by [ profile] speccygeekgrrl (PG-13, Sam/Sookie)

Doctor Who

No Contest, by [ profile] ms_prue (Adult, Amy/Rory/Eleven)

Life on Mars

Toys, by [ profile] mikes_grrl (NC-17, Sam/Gene, Sam/plushie)


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