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Title: Hold On, Baby, You're Losing It [link to text]
Author: [ profile] summerstorm
Read By: [ profile] speccygeekgrrl
File Type & Size: mp3; 12.8 MB
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Quinn/Rachel
Rating: NC-17
File Length (word count): 14:03 min (2,480)

Download Audiofic Here

Notes: For my "tentacles" square for Kink Bingo.
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Title: Raw
Pairing: Angela/Elle
Rating: R
Word count: 670
Notes: YAHAKM prompt: any sort of crack involving Angela, seafood, and her (secret or not?) love of the vaj

"You wanted to see me, Mrs. P?" Bob Bishop's pretty but erratic daughter came into Angela's office hesitantly, pushing long blonde hair behind her ear and smiling.

it's like being sent to the principal! )
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Title: Can't Bear It
Fandom: Heroes (AU)
Pairing: Gabrielle/Mahandra
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1400
Notes: Written for a genderswap prompt. Not so much genderswapped Mohinder and Sylar as the AU of [ profile] gabriellegray and her Mahandra.

"Oh, god." Mahandra's voice is shocked to the edge of appalled, and Gabrielle almost drops their duffel bags behind her.

oh, it's bad )
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~~~Advent Day 23~~~

Well, fuck! I wanted to finish more of these, but I had a busy day, and tomorrow's going to be busy too. I'll see how much I can do, but today you get two shorts: Elle and Claire, and Adam and Gabriel. ♥

Elle/Claire (535 words, PG-13)

fuck episode 3x12. never happened. nope. )

Quartz Time
Adam/Gabriel (717 words, PG)

...suspend your disbelief, even the show writers can't keep a timeline. )
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~~~Advent Day 6~~~

Title: Eve, Apple, Adam, Serpent
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Heidi/Claire/Nathan
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1180
Notes: OMG HET? uh yeah. It's a Claire sandwich! And honestly... this is the first time I've written Nathan Petrelli and convinced myself that he turned out right. So I hope you all agree with me!

He slides a finger under his tie, pulls it loose and undoes the button at his collar as he walks up the stairs. Nathan has been working later and later, coming home exhausted only to leave in the morning and not come back until he's bone-weary again. It's not pleasant, and it's not fair to Heidi, but Nathan never-- never-- expected that Heidi would possibly be so unfair to him.

like Nathan has any kind of moral high ground. )
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~~~Advent Day 2~~~

Title: Finer Than Pearls
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Elle
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1250
Notes: Another prompt from the bottomless meme.

"You have so many necklaces," Claire said wonderingly as Elle dumped her jewelry box out on the bed. Elle shrugged, twining delicate gold chains around her fingers.

goddamn, cheerleader, you can make a sex toy out of anything, can't you? )
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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sam/Teyla
Rating: NC-17 for girl-on-girl pronnnnn
Summary: It's always traumatic for power to change hands in the wake of a tragedy. Teyla isn't entirely sure where she fits in when Colonel Carter is given leadership of Atlantis, but Sam isn't here to replace Elizabeth's memory.
Notes: [ profile] pocky_slash wanted "Sam/Teyla: welcome wagon", and [ profile] itsproductivity wanted "what happened when you found out that it wasn't over?" Let's see if I can figure both those out.


John leaves her behind. He's got a reason, a few very good reasons, but it still cuts Teyla to the quick to count them out after the puddlejumper is gone.

Elizabeth is-- not dead, no, but not truly alive. Her four closest friends are traveling through hyperspace on what could very well be a suicide mission; John's stern order for her to make the call when too much time has passed is a sour knot in her stomach, a sick feeling at the barest thought of being entrusted to lead these people she has come to love as her own, only in the event that those she loves most never return.

Beside her, Zelenka stares down at his console, eyes fixed on the place where the jumper went through the hyperspace window and disappeared from view. They're in the same position, in truth, and when the scientist looks up to her, his eyes are weary, begging for hope. Somehow Teyla manages a wan smile, touching his shoulder gently.

"They will return, Radek," she says, and it's only years of leading the people of Athos that lend her voice such certainty when despair threatens to swallow her. "They will."

empty promises, empty chairs... )
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Title: The Production Line (or, Rosie the Riveted)
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG
Words: 1,197
Notes: Written for [ profile] itsproductivity, July 12 prompt: "the first girl in line." Set during WWII, I make no claims to the accuracy or believability for the time period.
Characters referenced: Maeve McCarthy, Katalin Szabo

orphaned by the draft )


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