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Stories: 7
Word count: 6440
Two drabble posts

Two fanmixes

A bunch of audiofic

New fandoms: Inglourious Basterds, The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural

Word count for 2009: 156,185
Considering I wanted to hit 240,000 words per year, this... isn't as bad as it could have been seeing how dramatically my productivity has dropped since June. Maybe I'll set a more modest goal for 2010.
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Stories: 2
Word count: 4885


One arsty-fic thing

Yeah, so basically this entire summer has been me failing at proper fic.
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Shit, how did I not do this for three months running? I could swear I did May, at least... Oh, I did straight word counts. Time to fix that.

Stories: 10
Drabbles: 2
Word count: 13,340
One DVD commentary on Gemini in Capricorn

Stories: 8
Drabbles: 2
Word count: 14,960
One mini-FST (Spock/McCoy)
One photomanip to go with a fic (Itty Bitty's Bikini)
Signed up for kink_bingo

Stories: 4
Drabbles: 20
Word count: 9305
One photomanip (Elle/Claire)
Two mini-fanmixes (Elle Bishop; Lyle/Alex)
Two snippet memes (Star Trek; Heroes)
Participated in Remix Redux 2009

oh my god, this has been the worst month yet this year. I didn't even make 10,000 words! Fuck me.
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Word count: 32,050
Distinct stories: 30
Drabbles (under 300 words): 3

Fanmix: Always Know What It Is You Want (Sylar/Luke)
Icons: 72 from Cold Snap; 20 Matt; 30 Mohinder
Wallpapers: 8 of Zachary Quinto

[ profile] un_love_you table halfway completed
Participated in Yet Another Heroes Anonymous Kink Meme, and assembled masterlists
Sold myself for Sweet Charity (two fics to be completed in the next two months) and raised $90 for RAINN

Continued in [ profile] heroes_vortex with [ profile] gabriellegray and [ profile] subtractmylife
Played with and plan to continue the porn!star!Gabriel/fluffer!Luke AU

Most written pairing: Sylar/Luke, nine stories
Second most written: Sylar/Mohinder, eight stories
New pairings written: 6 (friggin kink memes!)

...pretty good month, all told.
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Word count: 40090
Distinct stories, including commentfic over 300 words: 31 (?!!?!)
Drabbles (under 300 words): 15

Finished Nymphmomania series
Wrote 12 ficlets on Valentine's Day

Participated in and helped run [ profile] heroes_exchange Valentine's Day 2009
Made banners for and won awards in [ profile] heroes_slash Awards Winter 2009

Continued in [ profile] heroes_vortex with [ profile] gabriellegray, added [ profile] subtractmylife

Most written pairing: Sylar/Mohinder, nine stories
Newest pairing: Sylar/Luke, seven stories

What the fuck, how did I... I'm kind of disgusting, aren't I? :O You guys, if I start being more quantity than quality, PLEASE tell me, that's my biggest fear right now.
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Word count: 35,115
23 distinct stories, five drabble posts

Art Appreciation series: two of three completed
Nymphmomania: six of seven completed

Participated in [ profile] heroes_exchange Winter 08-09

Began playing in [ profile] heroes_vortex (including with [ profile] gabriellegray

Explored the Vortex AU of Gabrielle's initial universe

It was a good month. :3


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