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All images taken from [ profile] welovezelenka, all images from episode "Quarantine".




I just felt like putting them out there, since I made them but I'm only going to use two or three. Have at 'em.
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I haven't been able to write anything. So now I am going to write a few short things and see how that goes.

morning: Karuka and Bailey )


rocking out: Ronon and Cadman )

...okay that last one was just an excuse for the final imagery. ROCK ON, RONON. ROCK ON, LAURA.
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Title: Totally Not Cool
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Radek Zelenka
Rating: NC-17, and hilariously so
Summary: They look enough alike, and it's a backwards case of "they all look the same to us!" But Lorne is NOT Sheppard, and Zelenka is frankly OFFENDED to be mistaken for McKay.
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity October 5: What happened when you found out it wasn't over? And pr0ntober, because Kait wanted Lorne and Zelenka being mistaken for Team Shep with some possible AMTDI. THIS ONE'S FER YOU BAYBEE.


M4T-8D4 was sub-tropical in the areas that had been explored, with a 21-hour day and sparse, pre-tech populations. Sheppard's team had done a flyover and a quick meet-and-greet with two tribes, one near the stargate and one by a lake. The civilization was at the yurts-and-spears level, but their agriculture was more advanced, with wide cultivated fields of many different plants, especially a tomato-analogue that made a delicious, if oddly magenta, sauce that went great on pizza. The botany team was going into convulsions over half the samples McKay had hauled into the labs.

purple pizza, awesome )
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Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Sam/Teyla
Rating: NC-17 for girl-on-girl pronnnnn
Summary: It's always traumatic for power to change hands in the wake of a tragedy. Teyla isn't entirely sure where she fits in when Colonel Carter is given leadership of Atlantis, but Sam isn't here to replace Elizabeth's memory.
Notes: [ profile] pocky_slash wanted "Sam/Teyla: welcome wagon", and [ profile] itsproductivity wanted "what happened when you found out that it wasn't over?" Let's see if I can figure both those out.


John leaves her behind. He's got a reason, a few very good reasons, but it still cuts Teyla to the quick to count them out after the puddlejumper is gone.

Elizabeth is-- not dead, no, but not truly alive. Her four closest friends are traveling through hyperspace on what could very well be a suicide mission; John's stern order for her to make the call when too much time has passed is a sour knot in her stomach, a sick feeling at the barest thought of being entrusted to lead these people she has come to love as her own, only in the event that those she loves most never return.

Beside her, Zelenka stares down at his console, eyes fixed on the place where the jumper went through the hyperspace window and disappeared from view. They're in the same position, in truth, and when the scientist looks up to her, his eyes are weary, begging for hope. Somehow Teyla manages a wan smile, touching his shoulder gently.

"They will return, Radek," she says, and it's only years of leading the people of Athos that lend her voice such certainty when despair threatens to swallow her. "They will."

empty promises, empty chairs... )
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Gideon - Oct 4 - Letters To Myself

I don't know how I missed it the first time I looked through my things-- or the second, third, fourth, even. And in the most obvious spot, too. But I was distracted, justifiably I think, unnerved from not having a memory and then excited from making new memories, too busy putting new notes into the pocket of my recipe notebook to realize that there was one more there than I had written.

a small note, to be sure. )


Pushing Daisies - Oct 3 - Short and Sweet With a Scoop of Vanilla

Ned's daily job usually doesn't conflict with his sometimes-job too badly, but when Chuck starts showing up at the Pie Hole there's a distinct point where his life becomes, momentarily, too much to deal with.
so the answer is pie. )


SGA - Oct 2 - Three Minutes Fifty Nine Seconds

The children walking home from school looked at the elderly woman smeared with dirt questioningly, wondering to each other why anyone would choose to work in the soil so openly. Venutia had earned the right to play in the mud if she wanted to, she thought; a lifetime of service to the government left her free, now that she could no longer keep up with the technological advances, to tend her garden in peace. The sweetleaves were nearly mature, and beside their orderly rows, the tabrin dragged down the vines with their weight. She took pride in all her work, and the salads she would harvest herself were no small work for her gnarled fingers.

Brushing the dirt from her knees, Venutia headed inside for a glass of water, out from the heat and the brightness of the sun. Her hands shook as she filled the glass, and that's when things got weird... )


SGA - Oct 1 - Always Right

"McKay, you said this was gonna work," John says tightly, one hand clenching the scientist's bicep, the other braced against the floor; in the bright light of their flashlights, Rodney's skin looks washed out, sickly pale.

just because he SAYS he's right... )


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