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I haven't been able to write anything. So now I am going to write a few short things and see how that goes.

morning: Karuka and Bailey )


rocking out: Ronon and Cadman )

...okay that last one was just an excuse for the final imagery. ROCK ON, RONON. ROCK ON, LAURA.
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KittensandFlowersandKidverse. This has been in my semagic for a week now. It's not done but I'm sick of sitting on it having it give me dirty looks every time I go to make an LJ post. I lose at writing.


Aaron catches the flu four days before the first snow of the winter. Gideon absolutely refuses to let the boy anywhere near the flowershop, because the worst thing he can think of is Marenka getting sick from watching Aaron every day. He stays home the first day to make chicken soup and force Aaron to drink tea with lemon, which the boy makes faces about the first time but enjoys by the second airing of Blue's Clues. Mirek watches him the second day, and when Gideon comes home from school Aaron is asleep on the couch, sweat shining on his forehead but sleeping still.

"He is a tiny terror," Mirek says, leaning his head back into Gideon's hands when the teacher sneaks up behind him in the kitchen. Strong fingers rub circles into Mirek's temples, and a soft sigh escapes him. "All morning he asked to go with me to the flowershop, even after I told him that I was staying here with him."

"I can't blame him," Gideon says, fingers combing through Mirek's hair and proceeding down to knead the tense sides of his neck. "I want to follow you around all the time, too." Tipping his head back, Mirek rolls his eyes and Gideon smirks, leaning down to kiss Mirek's forehead. "How long's he been asleep?"

long enough. )
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Two new guys. Milo is a farmer, Jeff is an accountant and a father. (and Teddy is his son.) They fit into the kittens-and-flowers world of Mirek and Gideon, which automatically implies cuteness and happy. And it fits the [ profile] itsproductivity prompt of "it's never enough."

Plz to be enjoying of them.


"Now, Teddy, what are the rules?" Climbing the stairs from the Union Square subway station, Jeff gave his son's hand a squeeze, leading him through the milling crowd to a spot between two booths where it was slightly calmer.

"Daaaad..." With a long-suffering sigh, Teddy said, "Stay close, no talking to strangers, no touching anything." It was obvious that he thought his eight years of experience were enough to get by in a New York City crowd.

"And?" Jeff prompted after a second, fixing Teddy with a blue-eyed stare only slightly disapprovingly. Wrinkling his nose, Teddy's thoughts were already lost in the stalls and booths of the farmer's market.

"And I have twenty dollars to spend?" he ventured hopefully, pulling at his father's hand, ready to go spend his allowance.

hey, what's a farmer's market for besides spending money on awesome stuff? )
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Title: A Matter Of Amphibians
Fandom: Original (Calais Wheeler)
Rating: PG
Words: 749
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity, prompt July 16: "A painful loyalty." I'm still figuring out how to apply pronouns to Calais when he's a girl (because he does self-identify as male, should I still use 'he'? Working on it.) so bear with any awkward phrasing, plz.

is he bad at magic, or does he just have a rly rly strong anima? )
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Title: What Harry Potter and Cornelius Caryatid Have In Common
Fandom: Original (Eric/Cornelius)
Rating: R
Words: 1,013
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity, prompt July 27: "The accidental destruction of something irreplaceable." Sequel to A Vampire, A Werewolf, And The Deathly Hallows.

hint: it's not the size of their wands )
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Title: Rock Paper Scissors: Bailing Out
Fandom: Original (Phineas Marlow/Halen Moore/Spencer Payton/Andy Norris/Jacob Sharpe)
Rating: Very, very NC-17. Not safe for minors or those of weak constitution. xD
Words: 2,183.
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity, July 22: "The first to quit." I'm tired of writing heavy things, so the opposite of heavy is smut, right? Right? :D? This is totally gratuitous pron, almost entirely fluffy in nature, and completely would never happen with these characters but man is it fun to think about. >> I tried to cut down on pronouns to keep it clear. Not just porn, MULTI-PART PORN. x.x It's sad that the longest thing I've written for this comm is porn.

only pussies tag out of an orgy )
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Title: A Vampire, A Werewolf, and the Deathly Hallows
Fandom: Original (Eric/Cornelius)
Rating: R for killins.
Words: 1,243
Notes: [ profile] itsproductivity prompt July 9: "Seeking safety from someone who isn't safe." Warning: ends on a cliffhanger. Sorry guys. xD

everyone's so concerned with biting. )
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Title: All In His Head
Fandom: Original (Freddy Hanes/Neil Porter)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 676
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity prompt July 3: "There's good news, too."

under pressure. )
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Title: Puberty Sucks
Fandom: Original (Calais Wheeler)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 528
Notes: [ profile] itsproductivity July 17: "what do you love more than love?"

when you know your heart won't get in that stone )
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Title: My Office Glows All Night Long
Fandom: Original (Nika Novak/Kellan McCarthy)
Rating: R for swearing.
Words: 777
Notes: [ profile] itsproductivity prompt for July 23: "a delivery gone astray." Definitely an AU for these characters. Inspired also by "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars.

my heels are high and my eyes cast low. )
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Title: Practically Permission
Rating: PG. Fluffy like bunnies.
Fandom: Original (Schuyler/Xantiago)
Words: 549
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity prompt 15: "what's left behind on purpose."

wake up, sunshine )
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Title: Wakers and Wires
Fandom: Original (Andrew Phillips/Trent Anderson-Phillips)
Rating: R-ish? Overestimating.
Words: 1,245
Notes: For the July 21 prompt at [ profile] itsproductivity: "the day that was different." Continuation of Pomp and Circumstance.

and sometimes planes they smash up in the sky )
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Title: Pomp and Circumstance
Fandom: Original (Andrew Phillips/Trent Anderson-Phillips)
Rating: Medical problems and spousal hysteria = somewhere between PG-13 and R, I think.
Words: 672
Notes: For the July 20 prompt at [ profile] itsproductivity. I've had the thought that this needed to happen for a while, but the prompt gave me the... not really courage, but reason, to write it. And oh man was it hard to write. This will be continued for the next couple of prompts.

not broken-hearted, just a broken heart )
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Title: Drudge Skeletons In The Closet
Fandom: Original (Andy Norris/Roger Rogers)
Rating: PG-13
Words: 291
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity, prompt 19: "Write about discovering an unexpected vice in someone you thought you knew well."

what's in your closet? )
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Title: Retaliatory Measures
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Original
Words: 924
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity July 14, "the day before a disaster."
Characters referenced: Kostya Morozov, Inga Kvantrishvili, Lev Kvantrishvili, Svetlana Kvantrishvili

at least she doesn't want to use napalm. )
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Untitled as yet. Suggestions welcome.
Rating: R for suggestiveness in the future.
Fandom: Original (Schuyler/Xantiago)
Words: 1,951
Notes: There's not a whole lot of backstory to these two, and I know this steps on the canon of the email exchange, but I like this and I started it a while ago. This part is done, but there will be more to them in the not-too-distant future.

like fucking Galahad, all knightly and chaste or whatever )
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Title: Sun-Drunk
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG
Words: 990
Notes: Written for [ profile] itsproductivity, prompt July 13. It's a picture. :P
Characters referenced: Doug Walker.

follow the cottontail )
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Title: Betting High
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG-ish? If that.
Words: 1,127
Notes: For [ profile] itsproductivity, July 6: "That one thing you never mentioned from that road trip."
Characters referenced: Iggy Chaucer, Carson Mitchell

post-bankrobbing road trip! )
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Title: The Production Line (or, Rosie the Riveted)
Fandom: Original
Rating: PG
Words: 1,197
Notes: Written for [ profile] itsproductivity, July 12 prompt: "the first girl in line." Set during WWII, I make no claims to the accuracy or believability for the time period.
Characters referenced: Maeve McCarthy, Katalin Szabo

orphaned by the draft )


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