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Here is the master post for everything that *isn't* Heroes.
Up to date as of 7/19/11

Star Trek (TOS and XI)

Living is the Punchline (R)
Sometimes survival is enough of a reason to laugh.

Not Just Passing (PG-13)
Going unnoticed on a planet where same-sex pairing is the norm-- one couple passes, one couple ekes by, and James Kirk fails epically.

Impossible (NC-17)
Chekov hates when Sulu volunteers for away missions.

Fluid Dynamics (NC-17)
Sulu teaches Chekov to swim on shore leave, or at least that's Chekov's excuse...

The Joy of Gay Sex (Workshop) (NC-17)
They know what to do in general, but the details are a little tough to grasp... so Chekov and Sulu come to the good Doctor to get the blanks filled in.

This is a Sickbay, Not a Daycare Center (PG)
The Captain and First Officer end up as six-year-olds. Hijinks ensue, as does cuteness.

Spectacular ; Acronyms (PG-13)
Spock gets glasses ; Uhura decodes some slang for Spock.

Cheat Sheet (PG)
Vulcans are fairly akin to felines anyhow; Spock's sudden acquisition of a tail makes it much easier to read his guarded emotions.

Soar (R)
or, Five Times James Kirk Spread His Wings (and Two Times He Didn't). A peek through the life of a boy with golden wings.

Straightforwardly (R)
Everybody knows how the First Officer and the CMO interact; they're just all wrong.

Two drabbles and a mini-fanmix (PG-13)
Spock's underweight; McCoy's the one who needs a doctor; eight songs.

Easy as Opening Your Eyes (NC-17)
Leonard has a rare opportunity to take his time exploring Spock's body and wakes his lover up very sweetly indeed.

Five Things Leonard McCoy is Not, and One He Is (PG-13)
a babysitter, a bartender, a radiator, a robot, an interior decorator a doctor

Steady Hands (NC-17)
An alien ritual of handpainting brings Spock and Sulu unexpectedly close.

Ten genres in ten ficlets

White Collar

==Mozzie/Neal Caffrey
The Game We're Playing (NC-17)
A good forgery is almost like foreplay to Neal Caffrey.

Sneak Attack (NC-17)
Sometimes Mozzie borrows Neal's shower.

Surprise Me (PG)
Mozzie brings over dinner. Neal bitches about it.

The World on a String (G)
The day before Neal's tracker comes off for good, he and Peter have a talk about what the future holds.


The Dangers of Career Voyeurism (PG-13)
Castiel has been watching Dean for a lot longer than since he lifted him out of Hell.

Snow (G)
Dean hates snow... but he likes snow angels.

Feathered (PG)
Castiel and Gabriel do a little bit of wing maintenance.

Embodied (PG-13)
Gabriel has to get used to taking a vessel... and he finds out that he likes it.


==Chuck Bartowski/Daniel Shaw
Movie Night (NC-17)
In retrospect, Shaw should have seen it coming... but Chuck has a way of getting past everyone's defenses.

I Know It's Strange (NC-17)
Daniel's been haunted by the nightmare of losing his true love for years. Chuck comes into his life with a coffee shop collision, and Daniel's never met anyone like the awkwardly sweet IT guy. (AU)

==Morgan Grimes/John Casey
Morgan Versus the Inappropriate Fantasy Material (R)
It's not like he sets out intending to jerk off thinking of the most lethal person he knows. It just kind of happens.

The Big Bang Theory

==Howard Wolowitz/Rajesh Koothrappali
The Orionid Incrimination (NC-17)
Howard and Raj get tipsy and watch a meteor shower together.

The Subtext Postulation (PG-13)
A discussion on the nature of friendship and sexual tension gets personal.

==Sheldon Cooper/Penny
Curiosity (R)
Nobody goes in Sheldon's room.

The Venture Brothers

Inked (PG-13)
How 21 gets his first tattoo.


==William Bell/Nina Sharp
Doll Parts (R)
Between losing her arm and gaining a robotic prosthetic, William tries to help as Nina breaks down a little.

Relaxation (NC-17)
Astrid likes taking baths. It's a better way to relax than taking LSD, that's for sure.

True Blood

A Day Like Today (PG-13)
Sam occasionally likes not being a person. It's cheaper than therapy.

Pushing Daisies

==Emerson Cod/Olive Snook
Itty Bitty's Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini (R)
Olive can't show off her new bathing suit at the beach on a rainy day, but she'll give Emerson a private viewing.

Pineapple Express

Sir Meowsalot of the Doobie Kingdom (R)
The not-so-epic tale of how Red became a cat owner.

Inglourious Basterds

Alarm (R)
Whether the alarm clock is turned off will tell us all we need to know of Shosanna's plot.

==Toshiko Sato/Owen Harper:
Making Faces (PG-13)
Owen eavesdrops; Ianto catches him and bats him upside the head with the truth.

==Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones:
Missed (PG-13)
Jack's missing year of torment. (spoilers for Doctor Who 3x12-13)

That's Okay (PG)
They look out for each other as best they can. (spoilers for 2x12, "Fragments")

==Nathan Stark/Douglas Fargo:
Flash (G)
Fargo falls behind, and Stark sees the light. Literally.

Coming Down (PG)
Fargo did not fully think through the speed thing. Detoxing? Sucks. (postep to 1x07, "Blink")

Evil is More Fun (PG-13)
Fargo's dreams are the kind that are best kept out of sight. (spoilers for 2x06, "Noche de Suenos"; sort of fusion with Buffy)

Tin Man
Owe You One (PG-13)
Light has returned to the O.Z., but that doesn't set everything right.

The Spark (G)
Sam and Bumblebee talk Robot Theology.

Sparks of Life (PG)
The Autobots have a wake for Jazz. Sort of an Irish wake. Sam doesn't know the protocol for a robot funeral. (Yuletide 2007)

Bandom RPS
==Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump:
Tell me what my hands were made for. Tell me who my mouth was made for. (R)
Patrick's hands, Pete's mouth.
Audiofic link

==Joe Trohman/Patrick Stump:
Hotel Rooms (PG)
Sometimes he doesn't want to be alone.

Smooth (G)
Patrick does something new with his hair.

==Patrick Stump/Andy Hurley:
Missed Connections (PG-13)
You just don't fuck around with another man's hats. Bad things happen when hats go missing.

==Joe Trohman/Travis McCoy:
Cannabis and Cucumbers (or, Travis and Joe's Excellent Adventures) (R)
What's better than getting high and fucking with the cashiers at an all-night Walmart? NOTHING.

==William Beckett/Travis McCoy:
Plans (NC-17, first time)
They're fucking ROCKSTARS, man.

How I Met Your Mother
Have You Met Ted? (NC-17, crossdressing)
Barney wants Ted's attention. He has to be sneaky to get it. But boy, does he get it.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
A Moment & Little Deaths (PG-13, PG)
Snippets from a strange, strange movie.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Hospital Vespers (PG)
A serial killer's favorite person is being killed by life itself. Which is crueler?

(all the original stuff is at [ profile] i_am_tl_dr now, but I used to use this as my all-purpose writing journal...not linking to any of my RP-based writing unless it's AU, stands alone, and is really good.)

The Production Line (or, Rosie the Riveted)
When all your world is turned around by war, the best thing to do is reach out and make a friend.

My Office Glows All Night Long
She could use a security advisor, he could use a better job. win-win situation.

Random Acts of Violence
She's a rather savvy serial killer with a silver tongue.

We Are All Lost And We Are Found (dystopia, kids banding together)
They need to rescue the only one who can give them names.

Two small bits of very gratuitous wordplay.

Slightly maudlin metaphors on a very brief relationship.
we bleed the ink of subtle allegory
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