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Have to split my master list into parts... This is the Heroes list.

Current as of 12/05/09


Ripple (PG-13)
Angela Petrelli dreams her second son's future, and makes a hard decision.

Indeliable (PG)
Molly wants to know what happened to Mohinder's ruined apartment.

Four Weeks Later (PG-13)
Nathan has one last gift to give Peter.

==Ongoing AU
[ profile] gabriellegray
A parallel universe can make all the change in the world... but the differences are what make things interesting.

Can't Bear It (NC-17)
Gabrielle and Mahandra and a motel themed on Montana's state animal, and distractions from a phobia.

Shades of Gray
Part 1: Out of Alignment (R)
Gabriel, Gabrielle, schemes and plots, and how only they really get how special the other is.

Part 2: Perpetual Motion (NC-17)
They identify some similarities... and really explore their differences.

Dusk (PG)
Sanjog and West share a moment on the roof.

Quartz Time (PG)
Adam comes to Gray and Sons to get a watch fixed... that he purchased when Gabriel's grandfather worked there.

Caught (NC-17) [warning: non-con]
Ando gives Hiro's power a boost and they go much, much further into the future than they should. And it's not a good world.

Fix (NC-17)
Sylar's gotten addicted to the power boosts, and makes Ando an offer he can't refuse. (crack.)

Oversaturated (NC-17)
Ando starts to feel like a pill in a bottle, waiting until the next dose is needed. Sylar starts building up a tolerance, though, and it takes more to sate his addiction...

Raw (R)
Before she turns 18, Elle needs some etiquette training.

Two Steps Back (NC-17) [warning: non-con]
When Arthur accepts Sylar as a Petrelli, what Sylar discovers about his new family makes him want to run. (Sylar+Peter fraternal)

Finer Than Pearls (NC-17)
Old jewelry is more interesting when Claire's the one sorting through it.
*won Best Claire/Elle (R-NC17) at [ profile] heroes_slash!*

Glasses (PG-13)
Ringing in the new year.

Possessiveness (R)
Three ways in which Elle refuses to share Claire.

Hail Mary (NC-17) [warning: dub-con, genderswap]
The quarterback is sick of being stalked by a Company boy.

photomanip: New Pet

==Claire/West, Claire/Peter, Claire/Haitian, Claire/Hiro, Claire/Gabriel
Five Times Claire Bennet Lost Her Virginity (NC-17)
From the first time, to a time very far in the future. Goes from sappy to angsty a couple of times.
*Runner-up for Best Claire Characterization at [ profile] heroes_slash!*

A Home for the Holiday (NC-17)
Sandra insists that Noah invite his partner over for Thanksgiving dinner... and the lady of the house always gets what she wants.

==The Company, 1970s (Arthur Petrelli/Daniel Linderman, Maury Parkman/Bob Bishop, Charles Deveaux/Angela (pre-Petrelli), Adam Monroe/Kaito Nakamura, Daniel/Bob, Kaito/Angela, Daniel/Angela, Arthur/Angela)
All Along the Watchtower (R)
It's the 70s, and they're young and talented and on top of the world... and very much intertwined.
*won 1st Place Best Arthur/Angela and 2nd Place Best Angela Characterization at [ profile] heroes_het_fic!*

==Daniel Linderman/Peter
Break (PG-13)
A walk through the garden ends with Daniel fixing a broken leg.

Slice (R)
The important thing is to make sure you have the right end of the knife in your hand.

Dreams (R, Danko/several)
Some nights he's not sure whether they're dreams or nightmares.

==Drabbles (assorted non-standard pairings)
Hiro/Eden and Ando/Elle
Bob Bishop/Angela, Nathan/Hiro, Gabriel/Noah
Milkshake (Heroes/SPN, Gabriel and Dean)
Monster in the Car (Gabriel gen), Instincts (SyLuke)
Ten genres, ten pairings

Modulation (Gabriel/Elle)
Always Know What It Is You Want (Sylar/Luke)
make me something somebody can use (Elle Bishop)
Sneak or Swim (Lyle/Alex)
give or take a few centuries (Sylar/Claire)

**fanmix: Modulation

Shared Sparks (NC-17)
Deleted scene from 3x09, It's Coming. Gabriel takes Elle from her cell and to his room; they make a tentative circuit in more ways than one.
*won 2nd Place Best Episode-Centric at [ profile] heroes_het_fic!*

Afterglow (PG-13)
A slightly alternate opening to The Eclipse Part Two.

Do What I Do (R)
Sylar comes to terms with the fact that he and Peter are sides of the same coin.

Hold On To Yourself (R)
Sylar bumps into Peter while wearing his face, and the hero thinks he's getting another message from his future self.

[in all of these stories, Gabriel and Peter are twins. Enjoy the anti-canon.]
Gemini in Capricorn (NC-17)
The twins give each other a very special birthday present. (AU, possible squick: incest, sex between 17 year olds)

Faith, Hope, and Love (PG-13)
Gabriel has religion. Peter has faith. They have each other.

Kiss and Make Up (NC-17)
Three times the twins have kissed: when, why, and what happened then.

Float Like A Feather (NC-17)
At boarding school, the Petrelli twins move in different circles, but they always have time for each other.

Manifest Destiny (NC-17)
When their abilities begin to manifest, the twins let the secret pull them apart... but not for long.

Eleven Days (NC-17)
Gabriel knows something's wrong when he doesn't hear from Peter for a while, he just doesn't know HOW wrong.

Hey Juliet (PG)
When Elle is ten, Daddy brings home a boy with skin like chocolate and eyes that try to say everything.
*won 1st Place Best Rare Pairing at [ profile] heroes_het_fic!*

Eve, Apple, Adam, Serpent (NC-17)
Heidi arranges a threesome without Nathan's knowledge... but especially not his knowledge that the third person is the daughter she doesn't know he has. (possible squick: incest)

Koi no Ishi (PG-13)
Adam has a heart of stone, but now a carp swims where that barren rock once was.
*won Best Adam/Hiro (G-PG13) at [ profile] heroes_slash!*

Anything But A Game (NC-17)
Deciding who tops is a little bit more complicated than a round of 'rock, paper, scissors', at least for the first time!

We Could Be (PG)
After 'Dual', Hiro and Ando have a lot to tell each other for only being separated for a day.

I Never Meant To Hurt You (But You're Pretty When You Cry) (NC-17)
Hiro is a masochist. Ando is not sadistic at all. They reach a compromise.

furueru kimi (PG-13)
"You're shaking... tell me why, Hiro."

This Rain Will Someday Cease (R)
5YG!Hiro has found the exact moment to save Ando's life... he hopes.

Anniversary (NC-17)
Ando comes up with a plan to mark the date he and Hiro first met.

Cherish (PG)
High school fic. Hiro hates Valentine's Day. Ando talks sense into him.

Hiro is never going to get the attention from Ando that he wants, especially when the Nemesis is where he wants to be.

Here Kitty Kitty (R)
Hiro's attempt to regain his powers goes awry... but he makes a pretty good nekomimi.

Nanshoku (The Beautiful Way Detour) (PG-13)
A remix of Nanshoku, by [ profile] irisbleufic. Courtship in the time of samurai.

Eternal (PG)
Hiro remembers his first love.

Do The Time Warp Again (NC-17)
Hiro goes back in time to save a young geek from going down the path of evil.

Someone to Talk To (PG)
AU, Okinawa 1965. Schoolboy Hiro is dared to talk to an American soldier; pilot Nathan Petrelli starts the conversation.

Hers, Yours, and Mine (NC-17) [warning: non-con]
Isaac wants Peter to know just how much he stole from the artist.

Lyle doesn't want to forget helping Alex get away.

Transference (PG-13)
It's tough to have a crush. Especially when you're 14 and your crush is almost 30.

Repetez, S'il Vous Plait (NC-17)
Lyle demands a reward from his tutor for bringing his French grades up.

Rerouted (R)
Lyle's ended up getting the messages from Rebel, and Luke's in desperate need of help.

It's Not Cheating If You Change The Rules (NC-17)
Daphne daydreams, and Matt peeks in.

See (NC-17)
Matt overhears Mohinder's thoughts. Mohinder has to drag him out of his self-deprication.

We're Okay (NC-17)
Elle holds the boys hostage and makes them get it on. Best use of psychopathic tendencies ever! [warning: dub-con]

Dreamcatcher (PG-13)
One of Mohinder's past indiscretions comes to light as he sleeps.
*Runner-up for Best Matt/Mohinder (G-PG13) at [ profile] heroes_slash!*

Oh Bollocks (NC-17)
Mohinder is a big fan of Matt's balls.

Swim (NC-17)
It's Peter's fault... but it's also a nice break for the boys to relax.

Officer Park-That-Ass-Right-Here (R)
Matt is very distracting in the morning.

Abandonment Issues (NC-17)
Postep to 3x15, Trust and Blood. Matt's in pain; Mohinder tries to ease him.

Must See TV (R)
Mohinder and Matt watch So NoTORIous. "Does this actor look familiar?"

Sip and Kiss Them While They May (NC-17)
Fusion with Star Trek: Cmdr. Parkman, Lt. Cmdr. Gray, and Lt. Suresh get sex-pollened while on a routine science mission.

Everything In Its Right Place (PG)
On the road, Mohinder feels frozen and out of place. Zane is warm and assured of their destiny.
**Audiofic link**

Getting Dry (NC-17)
Mohinder really, really likes Zane's body hair. Like, a lot.

All Caught Up (NC-17)
Sylar's trying to read. Mohinder will have none of that.

Safety Glasses (NC-17)
Sylar really hates his old glasses. Mohinder really likes them. Compromise!

Don't Think, Just Watch (NC-17)
Mohinder wants to watch Sylar get himself off. Sylar isn't quite so at ease with the thought.

Angel (R)
Gabriel's more than willing to let Mohinder direct him. It's not about orders, it's about love.

Four First Kisses Mohinder and Sylar Could Have Shared, And One They Never Will (PG-13)
Four snippets that could fit into canon, one that can't ever.

Fixer-Upper (NC-17)
Arthur gives Gabriel a gift: a slightly broken, slightly scaly, slightly crazy scientist.

Give Me A Clue (R)
Gabriel helps Mohinder complete a crossword puzzle.

Fruity (G)
Mohinder bakes a pie. Sylar wants one too!

Scientific Method (PG-13)
Professor Mohinder and his T.A. Gabriel: observation, hypothesis, experimentation, theory.

The Slow Decline of Love (PG)
Even archangels can fall, and drag others down with them.

Teatime! (PG-13)
Smoking pot dampens violent tendencies.

You Can Leave Your Hat On (NC-17)
Halloween parties are more interesting when you can slip away from them. Mohindiana Jones and Father Gabriel get some alone time.

Tagged (NC-17)
They can't take anything away from their trysts except memories, and Mohinder's bruises.

Valentine's Day ficlets: Simply Irresistible (PG-13), An Act of Desperation(R), And Then (NC-17), Boxergram (with Adam, PG-13)

Every Inch of You (NC-17)
Love overcomes all boundaries. Including erectile dysfunction.

Myth-Matched (R)
The legend of Mohinder the Dryad and Sylar, his devoted faun.

Untrainable/Close to Godliness (R)
Fennec!Mohinder and his unwary caretaker. Total fluff for [ profile] moorishflower.

A Lack of Color (NC-17)
AU: Prince Mohinder meets Gabriel Grigio, the foreign guest of his court for the length of the rainy season.

Marked Territory (NC-17)
Mohinder lays his claim on Sylar and makes damn sure Luke sees.

The Mechanics of Desire (R)
There's more than one reason Mohinder won't start anything with Sylar. A story mostly in dialogue.

The Other Cheek (NC-17)
One good deed deserves another, or something along those lines. Mohinder's trying to figure it out.

Airborne Particulates; Sensual (R)
Gabriel prods Mohinder into getting high; the vampire Sylar can smell his dinner from the other side of a locked door.

Yes (NC-17)
It's a special day for Gabriel, and Mohinder's promised to say only 'yes' to whatever he wants.

Run (G)
picture story: Two young boys kick around a soccer ball in Central Park.

[Wolf in the Walls]
Wolf Moon (NC-17)
Mohinder doesn't take long to figure out something's gone strange about himself... and when Sylar shows up, he doesn't take long in asserting his dominance over the villain.

Deceptively Cuddly (PG-13)
The morning after Wolf Moon, Sylar has no reason at all to be afraid of his beginner-level Alpha wolf.

Howl (NC-17)
Sylar is being hunted. He can tell, and he doesn't like it.

[Detective Suresh]
Entrapment (NC-17)
A gambit to catch a serial killer where he picks his victims doesn't quite go to plan.

Entangled (NC-17)
Gabriel Gray swore that he'd have Mohinder for himself, and he's a man who keeps his word.

[The Art Appreciation Series]
Marked (NC-17)
Sylar paints a rather graphic, very imminent future.
*Runner-up for Best Mohinder/Sylar (R-NC17) at [ profile] heroes_slash!*

Erased (PG-13)
An unorthodox way to invite a person to dinner, for two highly unusual men. Every hasty drawing needs a little revision.

[The Nymphmomaniac Series, NC-17]
[or, Mo's Week o' Sexin']
Mohinder stays at work a little late, and Elle's in the lab with him.

Matt and Mohinder and a very good excuse to be late to work.

Peter bothers Mohinder while he's working.

Mohinder meets the original radioactive man.

Claire donates blood; Noah finds out and isn't pleased with Mohinder for letting her.

Mohinder gets borrowed from the wrong time by a tipsy Hiro and Ando.

Mohinder demands everything from Sylar except explanations.

Drabble posts:
10 under PG-13
4, G to NC-17
2 out of 4 Mylar

Not Just a Sidekick (NC-17)
Ando is sick of being left behind. Mohinder isn't going anywhere.

Powerless (NC-17)
Hiro leaves Ando in Mohinder's lab. It's not a daycare, and Ando isn't a kid.

Teased (PG-13)
Elle likes to play with Mohinder's hair.

Bang Bang (PG-13)
Elle likes the way the holster looks on Mohinder, but she'd like it better off him.

First Kiss (PG-13)
St. Joan breaks into a certain scientist's hotel room to steal one thing.

Good Cop Bad Cop (R)
Pleasure is more persuasive than pain. (Spoilers for 3x17, Cold Wars)

Betrayed (NC-17) [warning: dub-con]
Peter's trapped between two men who've both tried to kill him.

Light It Up (R)
"Peter, I'm a lawyer. You could blow smoke in a cop's face and I could probably get you off."

Forever and Always (PG)
Peter and Nathan love each other, but they don't have to like each other.

Virtuoso (R)
Peter knows how to play Nathan.

Soothing (NC-17)
Nathan is a horrible patient. Peter takes care of him when he's sick anyhow.

Well-Suited (NC-17)
The Petrelli brothers dress as each other for Halloween. Nathan's ass looks great in scrubs, but Peter in a suit is a whole new level of hot.

A Bennet Family Christmas (PG)
Domestic chaos, present exchanges, and a quiet moment for Noah and Sandra.

Eating Out (PG-13)
Sandra decides on alternate plans for Valentine's Day lunch.

Make It Work (NC-17)
Noah has a slight problem. Sandra is not going to let that stand in the way of her getting laid.
*Won 1st Place Best Noah/Sandra at [ profile] heroes_het_fic!*

Weakness (PG-13)
Noah finds Sylar's weakness by accident, and exploits it ruthlessly. (for the lulz, not the angst!)

A Strong Hand (NC-17)
Sylar has some serious, serious daddy issues. Noah gets drawn into his unwanted partner's psychodrama. (possible squick: I really mean SERIOUS daddy issues)

Pie (PG-13)
What if Noah was the one to save Gabriel's life that day in Gray and Sons?

Punch (NC-17)
Noah tends to overindulge at the annual Company Christmas party.

Balls (G)
Noah doesn't want to share his bouncy ball.

Beyond Expectation (NC-17)
After the botched press conference, Peter takes Simone home... and she discovers something that she never would have guessed about him. (explicit sex involving an FtM transgendered person)

Prequel: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (PG)
Nathan meets his brother for the first time.

==Sylar/Luke (general warning for Luke being 17)
***fanmix: Always Know What It Is You Want

All I Really Want (PG)
Today was fucking weird.

Show Me (PG)
Luke's getting good at focusing his power. He's done it to impress the man.

Strays (PG)
If you train a puppy right, it'll be loyal to you until death.

Bear False Witness (NC-17)
Luke gets a lesson in why not to lie.

All Luke's Fault (NC-17)
He really shouldn't be doing this. It's all Luke's fault. He started it.

Delicate (PG-13)
Apollo and Hyacinthus, all over again. A modern myth.

Scarred Not Flawed (NC-17)
Luke's more broken than Sylar realized. He does what he can to prove to Luke that he's stronger for having healed.

Praiseworthy (NC-17)
Luke learns the fine art of fellatio in the backseat of the station wagon.

Role Model (NC-17)
AU: Gabriel Gray walks into the shop one day to find a serial killer torturing a black ops agent in his workroom.

Keep It Steady Now/Can't Touch This (NC-17)
Sylar thinks Luke's black eye is sexy. / Luke won't stop trying to cop a feel.

Shave and Shower / Touching Up The Actors (NC-17)
Luke's never seen someone use a straight razor before. / AU: Gabriel Gray, porn star, and his loyal fluffer Luke.

Disregard (R)
Transgressions both public and personal.

Grudge Match (NC-17)
The last thing Sylar wants to do is end up like his father. Once he retrieves Luke from the abandoned diner, he'll probably never be alone again...

Edge (NC-17)
Gabriel/Mohinder/Luke, porn star AU. A sequel to Touching Up The Actors.

Birthday Stories:
Coming of Age (NC-17)
Luke turns 18, and makes it very clear that he's an adult now.

Two Years In (PG-13)
Sylar's thirtieth birthday... or his twenty-eighth, for the third time...?

Ten Years Gone (R)
Ten years to the day after Coming of Age.

==Zane Taylor/Trevor Zeitlan
Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows (NC-17)
Godsend goes on tour, and Zane meets a drummer in NYC who wants more than an autograph.
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